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Iconic Tattoo Co. is owned and operated by Multi Award Winning Tattoo Artist Mark “Mark Vincent” Grassano, home of the area’s top Portrait Artist as well as the most well rounded “Tattooing it all” artist.  At Iconic Tattoo co. our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality tattoos along with the finest attention to every aspect of our customers experience in the cleanest and classiest environment.  From start to finish our customers will see and feel the difference that this is a safe, and a comfortable place of superior quality. We strive to continually produce top quality work and uphold a great expectation along with amazing artists. Iconic Tattoo Co. has a diverse portfolio tattooing all styles large and small. While offering the best experience and tattoos, we strive to maintain a superior clean, sterilized, and professional work environment.  At Iconic Tattoo Co., all of our customers will leave the shop with the best tattoos around along with an amazing all round experience.   If your in Chester County and are looking for an amazing Tattoo Shop, stop in and check us out.
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263 Norwood Rd.
Downingtown PA 19335
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Iconic Tattoo Co. Offical Trailer


We Do Not Do Any Piercing

Iconic Tattoo Co specializes in all of your Tattoo needs and so we do not do any piercing

Meet the Owner and Tattoo Artist, Mark “Mark Vincent” Grassano

How would you best describe your style? Versatile with my strong points in Portraits, Realism and Pinups.  From Black and Grey to Color I love doing both.  Possibly, I enjoy working in B&G a little more but I love the turn out or final product in color.
Do you have any publications or awards? I have 32 awards for my Portraits and Black & Grey work form various tattoo conventions up and down the East Coast.
What led you to work in mostly Realism, Portraits, and Pinups? These things just came naturally to me. When I was growing up I was a rad cartoonist. In grade school I would paint murals of comic book stuff on my walls.  While in High School I would pass the time drawing portraits of my Favorite musicians and pin-ups.  Interesting thing is my Tattoo Career went the same way.  I started out tattooing traditional, cartoons and comics, then on to what I am known for Realism, Portraits and Pinups. 
What has been one of the strangest pieces you have tattooed? A few crazy requests have come my way but the one that stuck out the most was a Customer wanted the cheshire cats smile (from allice and wonderland), just the smile and a part of the nose on the base of his neck and to allow it to wrap around each side a bit. The tattoo to my surprise was a huge hit with my other clients and people love looking at it in my portfolio. But to this day I think that was one crazy Badass tattoo.
Do you practice other media? I used to work a lot with pencil and color pencil drawing portraits of Iconic people.  Now days tattooing has kept me so incredibly busy along with my business of Inventing and my family, that the only media I work in nowadays is skin and Ink.
What year did you start tattooing? 2007
What was you reason for getting into the tattoo industry? At that time in my life in 2007
I had already tried just about everything, from professional scuba diving in Barbados to painting houses in Main. It was time for me to make the “right” decision for myself.  So my guidelines for my new career choice would be, a career that would be using my talents, would generate money, with room for growth, and lastly I would be passionate about.  While getting tattooed it came to me….. Become a Tattooer…..Haven’t looked back since.
What inspires you as an artist? Intellectual ideas brought to light by design and imagery. I have always been both Inventor and Artist and the most inspiring moments are when the two join together to create something great. Super hard to explain but this has to be one of the most inspirational moments, strokes of genius.


Thomas Rapella

I wanted a piece that was very personnel, had a lot of meaning and emotions involved, and done right. After a month of research while juggling a full time job and just “life” I found Iconic Tattoos. After talking to him for 5 minutes all my worry, doubt and hesitation were gone. He did just that. He nailed it, “killed it”. No!! He straight destroyed it. Thank you so much Iconic Tattoos and Mark Grassano for doing such an awesome job.

Jeff Smack

Mark is awesome. Artistic ability and attention to detail are off the chart!
Several family members and even more friends proudly wear Mark’s artwork.
Looking forward to a return visit to Iconic.

Nicholas Deminski

Extremely satisfied with the work of Mark Grassano. His work was far beyond what I expected in my last tattoo. The detail and shading was amazing. I’m glad I decided to go with Iconic….I will most certainly be back! Thanks Mark, you’re …More

Cortney Felix

I had to have some work done to touch up a very special existing tattoo. Not only did he bring out the initial, beautiful, meaning of the tattoo, he made it SO very much better! His shop is absolutely amazing and he is so passionate about …More

Al Smith

I went in to have some work done and I came out sooooooo happy! Mark is incredible and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting some ink. I will be back in the next few weeks to get another one!! …More

Amy Barendt

Clean place. Very awesome guy!!

Michael Fehr

Go get tatted by the best in the area, iconic tattoo is amazing, And is run by great staff who care about quality tattoos
Nicholas Deminski

Some Iconic History (The Phoenix)

The phoenix will forever be part of Iconic Tattoo Co. history as Iconic has risen from the ashes with the passion and drive of Mark Grassano and the amazing support from all of his awesome clients. Iconic Tattoo Co. is truly a unique shop with lots of “heart”.

On May 12th 2015 Iconic Tattoo Co. was lost in the largest fire in Downingtown’s history. Mark was more then devastated but set out the vary next day to keep his dream alive. Knowing so many people, friends, clients, family, even strangers wanted to see Iconic Tattoo Co. succeed gave Mark the drive and push to keep going.
Mark Grassano & Iconic Tattoo Co. are back stronger then ever with now an ever stronger connection to his clients, the Iconic Family.

 Viva Iconic Tattoo Co.

Iconic Tattoo Co. 

MVG by design

Iconic Tattoo Co Studio Tour “The Area’s  Finest ”  

 Official trailer

Iconic Tattoo Co. Offical Trailer

Iconic Tattoo Co. was designed by Mark as an ideal place where Mark and his Artists could perform their best work and deliver the most professional experience to their customers. Every aspect of the design was to keep in mind the customers comfort as well as the artist. Iconic Tattoo Co. has three large tattoo stations, one large station with an electric drum set and a foo’s ball table, one large art and printing station, comfortable waiting room with a refrigerator full of an assortment of “help yourself” beverages, 4 LED tv’s in the tattoo area.  Bar on the back wall for customers to eat, an office/family room inspired lounge, a nice clean and comfortable rest room and lastly the cleanest self contained bio room.  Iconic Tattoo Co. will go way above what you may expect from a Tattoo Shop.

We are looking for a full-time or part-time experienced tattoo artist that is responsible, professional and driven.  If you are looking to work in an environment with other inspiring and motivated artists, committed to their craft and always looking to grow artistically, Iconic Tattoo Co is the Studio for you!  Iconic Tattoo Co is an upscale & fully custom Studio Located in Downingtown Pennsylvania.  Iconic Tattoo Co is known for providing high quality tattoo work along with great customer service in one of a kind Studio design by Mark “Mark Vincent” Grassano.  Our focus is superior customer service in a clean, professional environment, creating a positive, fun environment for our tattoo artists and our customers.

To join our team please email us at with a brief bio and a link to your Instagram and/or online portfolio.

Feel free to also stop the studio and apply within.

Iconic Tattoo co will perform all necessary criminal & background checks

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Phone (484) 631-5434
Come By
263 Norwood
Downingtown PA 19335

We Do Not Do Piercings

Here at Iconic Tattoo Co we only do Tattoo Art and so we do not pierce


We encourage everyone to stop in and say hello, take a look around our shop and check out our work, see what everyone is talking about;) Walk-ins are welcome but we cant always fit you in.   If we are unable to fit your tattoo in that day then we will have a consultation right then and there and schedule your appointment along with a small deposit (all deposits go directly towards the cost of the tattoo).

How do I book a tattoo appointment?

All booked in clients get priority over walk in appointments.  During the consultation we’ll discuss your rough ideas with the tattoo artists and help guide you in the right direction. At your consult it’s recommended to bring us your ideas, sketches, pictures, or anything that will help us get an idea of what style etc. that you like. We’ll work with your ideas and help design you a custom tattoo.

After the consultation we can then book you an actual tattoo appointment. All tattoo appointments require a small deposit, usually around $80-$100 depending on the size of the tattoo. This deposit is subtracted from the price of your tattoo on your appointment date. If you don’t show up for your scheduled appointment or if you don’t give us 48 hours notice of cancellation, then you may lose you deposit. On your appointment date we request that you show up a few minutes early to fill out the appropriate waiver form and to discuss any last minute questions you may have.

Why can’t I book through email?

Unfortunately it’s difficult to book tattoo appointments through email as there is a lot of information to discuss, such as style, size, placement, colours, price, time needed etc. This makes it extremely difficult to email proper tattoo quotes. The tattoo artists don’t have direct access to replying to emails, and with the number of emails we receive; it’s difficult to answer them all with the proper information.

We have a dedicated staff to provide you the best customer service with minimal risk of booking you improperly. We have an amazing receptionist, Donna, that takes care of everyone’s schedules etc. Donna will briefly discuss your tattoo ideas over the phone so she has a better idea of who to book you a consult with. She’ll also discuss what time of day will work best for you to meet the artist of choice based on your schedule and ours.

With as many appointments and consultations that we deal with daily, I strongly believe it’s best to have one dedicated person to handle these requests. This minimizes most mistakes of double booking and getting you the right information during one quick phone call, or one personal meeting, instead of through multiple emails.

But I’m from out of town, how can I make an appointment?

Important: This option is only available to clients that do not have an easy way to visit our studio, usually reserved to those out of town, another province or even country. We will try to help you out as much as possible through email and phone conversations. The first step would be to email us as much information as possible about your tattoo idea so we have a clear vision of what you want done. To make this easy we’ve listed a few important pieces of information to include with your email.

Tattoo description or picture?
Estimated size?
Placement on body?          
Color or black and grey?
Did you have an artist in mind?        

It’s sometimes difficult to email quotes, and have consults through email etc. as the tattoo artists don’t have direct access to replying to emails. Also with the number of emails we receive it’s difficult to answer them all with the proper information. As you’re from out of town we’ll try our best to make this work for you. If further consultation is needed we’ll probably have one of our artists contact you by phone. The artist will be able to get your full ideas, placement, size, etc and give more of accurate quote and time needed to get it done. This way you’ll get the best service possible and get the perfect tattoo you’re looking for.

At the time of booking we require a small deposit (usually between $50-$100) depending on the size of the tattoo. This deposit also comes off the price of your tattoo. Out of town clients can send us a deposit over the phone with a credit or debit card.   You will then receive a recopy via text message.


What happens when I get a tattoo?
Firstly, you must complete and sign a consent form and provide photo ID.
Your artist will then prepare the area of skin that is to be tattooed. This includes cleaning with an antiseptic solution and shaving to ensure the skin is smooth and clean.
A temporary stencil of your tattoo will then be applied to your skin. You can then check to make sure the position and size of the tattoo is just right before the tattoo process begins. Your artist will then begin applying the ink.
When your tattoo is finished it will be dressed and covered to protect it from infection while initial healing begins.
Your artist will explain how to care for your new tattoo and you will be given an aftercare instructions

Does it hurt?
It varies from person to person. Some find the process quite uncomfortable and others actually like it. The most common response from first timers is, “Is that all” and they almost seem disappointed!
Either way, our artists will look after you and make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

How sterile is Iconic Tattoo Co.?
We take health and safety seriously in our studios to ensure that you have a clean, sterile and safe tattoo experience.
Our staff have completed the Infection Control that is a legal requirement for most working in this industry.
We use disposable needles, ink caps, gloves, paper towels etc. All items that require sterilization are processed through a hospital grade steam autoclave. Our autoclave is serviced and certified regularly. And a little tidbit of information the owner Mark Grassano also has a Patent for
a Infectious Control Barrier.

Do I need my own artwork or can you draw up a design for me?
Iconic Tattoo Co. specializes in custom tattoos so you will need to book a consult with the artist best suited to your design and come in for a chat with some reference pictures it generally only takes 5-10 minutes and doesn’t cost anything.
Bring in an existing image, a rough sketch or even just an idea and we will take it from there.
If you are looking for inspiration for a new tattoo, Google Images is a great place to start.
You will need to have your images printed out to bring in for the artist to look at them.

How much does it cost?
We can give you a fixed price for many tattoos but for complex or larger designs we quote an hourly rate.
We prefer you to come into the studio so we can discuss your tattoo in person. Our artists can then give you an estimate of the cost and time involved in creating your tattoo and ensure you get exactly what you want.
You can also email your design to us with all relevant details such as size, location, color or black & grey etc and we can give you an estimate. Email quotes will need to be confirmed in person when you come into the studio.
Note: Quotes cannot be given over the phone.

What should I do once I get my tattoo and I get home?
Your tattoo is applied with the highest standard of sterilization of equipment & hygiene practices. Once your session is completed, your tattoo will be covered. You will need to remove this after an hour and general wash with warm water, and pat dry. For the next week just refer to your aftercare instructions as they explain step by step how to care for your new tattoo.

1. Take the bandage off after one hour and
wash your tattoo with water using a wet paper towel
Do not use a sponge or face towel.
2. Dry with a clean paper towel by patting
3.Wash your hands and apply a thin coat of
Aquifer or A&D. After applying ointment then
wipe all access off using a WET paper towel.
Do this 2 or 3 times a day.
4. Repeat step 3. for the next 5 days then switch to
UNSCENTED lotion 3 or 4 times a day for the next
week or until your tattoo is completely healed.
!Wash your Tattoo 1 to 2 times a day with a antibacterial soap to insure
your tattoo will stay bacteria free. Dish soap is a strong antibacterial
For any questions please call us at (484)631-5434

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(484) 631-5434

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